Getting a second opinion

Getting a second opinion
If you’ve went through a diagnosis or treatment, you might want to get a second opinion on your diagnosis. A second opinion is seeing another doctor to get a different view on your situation. It could be your previous doctor might of interpreted symptoms differently or they might of missed something.

Why d0 people get a second opinion

You may want to see another doctor if you want to confirm your diagnosis, ensure you’re being given the best treatment, want reassurance on what you’ve been told already about your condition/treatment or don’t feel like you can talk to your current doctor.

The benefits

The benefits of seeing another doctor could give you the reassurance you need if more than one doctor agrees on the same diagnosis/treatment. However seeing multiple doctors could delay your treatment starting, it could mean traveling to another hospital which could be difficult and it could add more stress to you.

If its possible try not cancel any tests or treatments that your original doctor has booked for you.

Your worries or fears

Some people worry about upsetting their doctor by asking to see someone else but in all honestly this isn’t going to happen. Doctors tend to ask their colleagues about cases that are unusual themselves. It’s absolutely okay to get a second opinion! However before you ask for one why don’t you consider why you want one? This can save time and effort and even money.

If you haven’t fully understood what your doctor told you

If you’ve not fully understood what your doc said you might want to talk to another doctor about it. Its an awful lot to take in the first time round. Don’t feel embarrassed about not understanding things either or if you need information repeated. If you’ve also read up about your condition you might have a lot of new questions or concerns you want to know more about.

If you aren’t satisfied

You might of done research online or spoke to people who have had other treatments. Theres usually lots of new information about treatments online or at support groups so you might wonder why your doctor hasn’t said anything to you about them.

This might make you feel less confident and unsure about the treatment you’re going to have. I would talk to your doctor or nurse if you’re feeling this way.

Look at places like The Loc or the NHS for more information and support.


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